Software and high school

It will give students outstanding preparation for the math courses to come. Now we just scan their ID card to sell them a digital ticket. I would also point out that Excel is not nearly as easy to use as even some of the more difficult to use statistics packages.

Tinkerplots is designed to let students construct their own graphics, and then is designed for teachers help students transition from their initial graphics to more formal and, one hopes, precise representations.

Software for teaching High School Statistics

Letta Milpitas High School The ticketing software enhanced the efficiency of ticket sales in ways that I could have never imagined. Actually, for people who prefer shifting the gears themselves, without the clutch.

Math Interactive Learning Software for Schools, Homeschool and Self-Study

The series helps students achieve a deep understanding of key math concepts and gain the confidence so critical for success in math. Middle-Ground Arc -- Arc runs as a "front-end" to xlispstat and as such is a user-friendly i.

The target audience is middle school, and middle school students seem to find this easier to use than adults, particularly adult statisticians.

It was developed to support a book: Fathom -- this is predominantly a teaching tool, but in recent years has been expanded to included multiple regression and other useful tools.

Education: Educators

We are deeply grateful for your wonderful software. I enthusiastically recommend this product! Algebra 1 in the "Practice and Review Series" will help students build mastery in solving problems of intermediate and advanced difficulty. Eric Landon Technology Coordinator Wayland, MA "Students at all levels benefit from the wide range of problem solving exercises, and the diagnostic evaluations of their performance.

It is awesome to finally see software developed by teachers for teachers! Personally as a new activities director, I have found so much support from this company. Splus or R -- These are both statistical programming languages.

Student Activities and Engagement Learn More All of our software has been designed by teachers who understand the challenge of making efficient use of their time.

Some of our solutions include digital ticketing for dances and sporting events; online voting for student body elections - homecoming court, prom king and queen and more.

Command-driven; you type the right phrase to invoke the appropriate package, and it provides output. If you already know how to use Excel, then admittedly it is easy enough to learn how to operate the statistics add-ons. I am not the sharpest guy in the world and sometimes the remote to my cable box baffles me!

School Administration Software

It can also be bundled with ActivStats. This program is a wonderful time-saver! Software 4 Schools is user friendly and multi facated. And, yes, I do know about the statistical "tools" add on.Studica Offers Student Discounts on Software and more.

High School; College; University and Higher Education. Studica also services the non-profit and institutional sectors. Studica is dedicated to the education community and strives to provide great customer service.

Not only will you find academically priced software, but you will also. Our school recently used the voting program from Software 4 Schools for ASB officer elections and it was a huge success!

Not only was the election easy to set up, but the program ran smoothly throughout the election and it. High School Software Self-paced, self-correcting software that provides engaging content, focused instruction, and measurable results.

Scores are kept in a record management system that allows teachers to create reports. Online shopping from a great selection at Software Store. Math Tutor educational software series provides rich, adaptive mathematics instructional programs for high school and middle school.

Schools seeking curriculum based interactive math learning software for Grades will find the series to be ideal. Parents wanting homeschool math learning and tutorial software.

15 Pack Of High Achiever Educational Computer Software for High School Students Grades 9 10 11 and 12 Algebra Geometry Trigonometry Biology Chemistry Physics US History Government Study Skills Grammar Composition Spelling Vocabulary SAT GED Preparation.

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Software and high school
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